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Our Mission

Muto aims to innovate pharmaceutical and biotech industry through building diverse community and developing dynamic softwares

Our Direction

We believe that innovating the industry requires an early adaptation of trending technology. With our AI software MuGene, we aim to enhance the development procedure for LNP development, through focusing on prediction of LNP target identification, formulation expression, assembly mechanism simulation, and bioavailability prediction. 

Our management leadership holds diverse experience in different industries.


CEO, LEE JUNHO (William) has multiple experience in startups in 5 different industries and have engaged in Cybersecurity industry as well with knowledge and experience in developing a SaaS platform. He has also achieved Champion in Hult Prize competition HKUST round, Top 15 in Alibaba Jumpstarter IdeaPOP, and Top4 in Enactus HK HKUST round.

CTO, LEE SOJUNG (Sandy) has multiple experience in genomic centre at HKUST and also involved in achieving Gold medal at iGem competition as a core member of HKUST team. She has developed her expertise in computational biology including machine learning and analytics development.

CSO, LEE JIHO (Jacob) has multiple experience in plant-based lab research at HKUST genomic centre and carried out multiple research to develop expertise in this area. He was also involved in achieving Gold medal at iGem competition as a core member of HKUST team. 

CECO, TAK YIREH developed his knowledge in the ESG and sustainability fields through his extensive education in Environmental Science and Geography at the University of Hong Kong. With hands-on lab experience on projects regarding anthropomorphic impact on pristine marine ecology, he is well versed in how our current society is inseparable from ESG standards set by NGOs around the world. His main role is to develop ESG and Carbon footprint prediction models for pharmaceutial industries.

Experienced Leadership

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